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Activities Buenos Aires
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Enjoy our social programme
visit an authentic tango show, experience a Boca Juniors football match, chill out in Recoleta… [more]
Directly experiencing another culture and making contact with the people are essential for a true understanding of the language. Consequently, our cultural and leisure program is an important component of our course program, complementing classroom activities through personal experience of the Spanish-speaking environment.

Social and Cultural activities are optional and include, for example, visits to the different neighbourhoods in Buenos Aires, like the aristocratic areas: Puerto Madero; Recoleta; San Martín Square area and the Tango and popular culture areas La Boca and San Telmo. All these visits are made in groups joined and guided by a teacher and are very helpful to practice Spanish.

Get an impression of the activities below.

During the week:

Guided neighborhood visits

Get to know famous neighborhoods such as la Boca, San Telmo, Recoleta, etc.

Tango show

Visit an authentic tango show where both traditional and modern styles are combined.

Boca Juniors football match

An unforgettable football experience at the Boca Juniors stadium.

During the weekend:

Daytrip to el Tigre

Get out the city on a boat trip in el Tigre.

Weekend trip to Iguazú falls

One of the most impressive water falls you'll see.

Visit a polo match

Find out that Argentine's are really good at polo!

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