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Spanish and fun
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Enjoy our social programme
visit an authentic tango show, experience a Boca Juniors football match, chill out in Recoleta… [more]
Learn Spanish and Tango in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires is known internationally for being the city where Tango was born. For a long time tango was the popular dance amongst European immigrants but it soon became popular through society in Buenos Aires. Today Tango can be seen or practiced in one of many Tango bars, clubs or schools around the city.

We are proud to offer Tango classes at one of the most respectable Tango schools in Buenos Aires.

The school, set up by Hector Mayoral and Elsa María Bórquez, is one of the finest, located in a classical building in the barrio of Recoleta (5 blocks from our Spanish school). Over the years the school has welcomed many international clients as Frank Sinatra, Robert De Niro, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Juan Manuel Fangio, etc.
The programme consists of  4 classes a week. 2x2 hours of group classes and 2x1 hour of individual class. The group classes are held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8pm to 10pm. The schedule of individual classes will be discussed at the Tango school. You can take the Tango course in combination with an intensive 20 classes course (or private classes).  The Tango course is offered year round (except for holidays).

Prices are:

  > tango program  1 week € 60
  > tango program  2 weeks € 120

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